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Provide design consultation、control system debugging、intelligent upgrading、MES system、industrial Internet application and other services for aluminum industry.

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Shenyang Aluminum & Magnesium Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise affiliated to Aluminum Corporation of China, CChina Aluminum International Engineering Corporation Limited, and Shenyang Aluminum & Magnesium Engineering & Research Institute Co.,Ltd, founded in 2006. The company has 55 employees, including 9 professor-level senior engineers, 21 senior engineers, 16 engineers, 1 doctor, 21 masters, and 31 undergraduates.

Shenyang Aluminum & Magnesium Technology Co.,Ltd is rooted in the aluminum industry, relying on its technological advantages, and serving all major domestic alumina plants, electrolytic aluminum plants, carbon plants and self-provided power plants throughout the year, responsible for the overall plant automation network architecture design, PLC/DCS control system Design, automatic instrument selection and design, as well as on-site PLC/DCS control system software programming and debugging, APC software research and application, and aluminum industry MES system research and development and promotion. The company is committed to creating a full range of automation, networking and information solutions for the aluminum industry factories, laying the foundation for the realization of intelligent manufacturing in the aluminum industry.

Shenyang Aluminum & Magnesium Technology Co.,Ltd. adheres to the development philosophy of being good at innovation, daring to take responsibility, excellence, and honest service. It now has more than 30 core patents. Well-known experts in the carbon and environmental protection industries form the company's expert committee to provide a solid technical guarantee for the efficient and orderly implementation of enterprise technology research and development and promotion. The company also cooperates with Tsinghua University, Northeastern University, Central South University, Chinalco Light Metal Research and Design Institute and other well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad through joint development of research and development cooperation, and has jointly developed a number of scientific and technological achievements. The industrialization of the company's scientific and technological achievements has achieved good application effects, creating substantial economic benefits and significant social benefits for application enterprises.

development history

Intelligent upgrade

       Aiming at several workshops of alumina, electrolysis and carbon, the intelligent upgrading and transformation of the workshop is carried on the basis of information fusion.

MES system

       For alumina, electrolysis, and carbon, based on information integration platform or industrial Internet platform, R&D plan, scheduling, process and other modules or APP.

Industrial Internet

       Shenyang Aluminum & Magnesium Technology Co.,Ltd website, WeChat official account, remote data diagnosis, full value chain information integration, and big data analysis.

Design & debugging

       Complete the automation network architecture design, automation instrument selection design and control system debugging of alumina, electrolysis and carbon enterprises.

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