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The company has been serving the software programming and debugging of the on-site PLC/DCS control system of major alumina plants, electrolytic aluminum plants, and carbon plants in China. Relying on the advantages of design and scientific research, it is aimed at the long process flow of China's alumina industry, automatic detection and The control is difficult, and the online management requirements of the production process are high. The DCS system based on the automatic control of the alumina plant has been successfully developed and debugged. The PLC systems developed and developed for the characteristics of electrolytic aluminum plants mainly include computer control systems such as electrolytic flue gas purification systems, super-dense phase conveying systems, dense-phase conveying systems, and anode assembly. The PLC system developed and developed for the process characteristics of the carbon plant mainly includes: raw anode feeding, automatic anode batching, tank calciner, calcining rotary kiln, raw material transportation, residual pole treatment, heat medium boiler, asphalt smoke treatment and anode Computer control systems such as assembly. Brought excellent economic benefits for users, praised by users.