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For alumina, electrolysis, carbon, on the basis of information integration platform or industrial Internet platform, develop planning, scheduling, process and other modules or apps. It is only used for lightweight applications, not based on the enterprise production management process, but only on the basis of information integration.

The MES system of alumina integrates the system information of alumina plant, realizes data-driven by combining the optimization control system of each process and intelligent decision algorithm, and makes the optimal decision and production control in the way of artificial intelligence.

Smelterstar system is an electrolytic aluminum MES system developed by our company, which not only integrates the operation information of aluminum electrolysis production, but also integrates the design and construction information. With the help of this system, information islands and faults of electrolytic aluminum enterprises can be eliminated, and online monitoring and statistics of key nodes in the whole process of electrolytic aluminum production and management can be realized.

Integrate the production process data, laboratory test data, energy data, economic data, inventory management data, supply chain data and other information of carbon production enterprises, break the barriers of the isolated management mode of plant information, and build a factory data center in the carbon industry.