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Preliminary design of intelligent management platform for winning the bid of SAMTC
source:SAMI News author:XuWang / YuFei Zhang 2020-09-30 0

    Recently, SAMTC company successfully won the bid for the preliminary design project of intelligent management platform for alumina project of Chifeng QIHUI Aluminum Industry Development Co., Ltd.


    In order to meet the requirements of QIHUI Aluminum Co., Ltd. to build an information application system oriented by comprehensive value, the informatization and intelligent construction standards are high, the scope is wide, and the application of new technologies is more. The project is supported by production execution platform design, operation management platform design, decision analysis platform design, virtual engineering design, information management system and other intelligent platforms. It fully responds to the requirements of the owner's project, and fully demonstrates the intelligent design ability and mature integration concept of aluminum magnesium technology for alumina plant.