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SAMTC won the bid section of automatic control project of Huojin carbon calcining and coking project.
source:SAMI News author:Qi Yang 2020-09-14 0



Recently, SAMTC has successfully won the bid of automatic control engineering section of 250000 tons calcining and coking project of Huojin Carbon Co., Ltd., and officially received the letter of acceptance from the owner on September 9, and formally signed the business contract with the owner on September 14. This project is the first engineering project beyond the general contract signed by the company after the integration of aluminum and magnesium technology. The project is a "key" project, mainly including raw material transfer station, calcination workshop, finished product storage and transportation, air compressor station, water supply booster pump station of the whole plant, etc. the design, packaging, transportation, installation and construction, commissioning, trial operation and after-sales work are all undertaken by aluminum magnesium technology.



In the bidding process, with the technical advantages of the design team's construction drawing design and the original design team as the team, the company quickly responded to the complex requirements of the owner, formulated a complete set of bidding documents, described in detail from the equipment list, technical scheme to project implementation scheme, and prepared more than 45000 words of technical tender. At the same time, the company learned from the previous engineering experience, all adopt the factory direct inquiry mode, shorten the business link, reduce the procurement cost. Finally, aluminum and magnesium technology returned to the ranks of carbon plant automation engineering professional automation company with the lowest cost and the best technology.



Aluminum and magnesium technology will take this opportunity to make more attempts and explorations for the transformation and development of the company, continue to focus on automation engineering projects in alumina, electrolytic aluminum and carbon industries, constantly explore the market, and strive to become a high-tech enterprise providing professional automation, information and intelligent solutions for the aluminum industry.