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Information platform of SAMTC project put into operation
source:SAMI News author:Yang Ji 2020-08-15 0



    Smelterstar IIP, which is independently developed by SAMTC company, has been put into operation on August 15, 2020 in hydropower and aluminum project of Yunnan WENSHAN Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. The system uses cloud technology to realize the rapid online application of the platform when the field network and computer room are not in place, which makes WENSHAN aluminum obtain the support of information system in the construction period. The platform supports large screen, PC and mobile terminal, and managers can use it online at any time and anywhere.



    SmelterStar  IIP is one of the key modules of smelterstar system of aluminum and magnesium technology company. Through this module, we can realize the integration and application of cell control system data, plant centralized control system data, laboratory data, rectification station integrated system data, centralized measurement data, accurate aluminum data and some manual data, which can effectively eliminate the information island and fault of aluminum smelter Question. Through the application of the system, WENSHAN aluminum management personnel can comprehensively and timely understand the logistics, energy, equipment, quality, technology, environmental protection and other related information, improve the control degree of production, reduce the error probability, and lay a solid foundation for the next intelligent factory construction of WENSHAN aluminum.