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Intelligent management system of aluminum electrolysis production process based on big data

Online monitoring system for key equipment in the aluminum industry:

The company has established a smart data center for aluminum electrolysis. The center uses advanced concepts and technical means such as "Internet+" and big data analysis and mining to cooperate with aluminum smelting enterprises to collect production operation data in real time. A large amount of practical application data, extracting hidden information knowledge and relevance for users' production control; creating an ecological production process management technology service platform for multi-party symbiosis and win-win, providing a knowledge base for production operation management Intelligent services such as support, comprehensive information judgment, automatic warning and process optimization. Promote enterprises to tap potential and reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, save energy and reduce consumption, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the transformation of production and management models, and develop new models and new formats.

Project performance: Chinalco Liancheng, Yingkou Zhongwang, Chinalco Lanzhou