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Shanxi Xinfa settlement area intelligent optimization system

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The optimal control system of sedimentation process solves the problems such as the decrease of washing efficiency, the increase of loss of attached alkali and the excessive consumption of flocculant, etc. because of the manual control in the actual production process and the failure of real-time dynamic adjustment based on the system fluctuation. The settlement intelligent control system adopts advanced interface detector and other equipment, adopts settlement expert system for online monitoring of various data, comprehensive analysis, real-time automatic control of relevant production equipment, instead of manual operation, improves the automation level of settlement process, reduces the labor intensity of workers, completely avoids accidents such as running and settling tank in settlement process, improves the safety of production, and improves the safety of production High washing efficiency and reduced consumption. Through the field test, the consumption of flocculant decreased about 15% ~ 20%, and the loss of attached alkali saved 0.2kg/t-ds.

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