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MES System Implementation Manager
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The overall requirement is under 35 years old, should have good communication and teamwork skills, independent analysis and problem-solving skills, continuous learning ability, strong stress resistance, and be able to adapt to the nature of long-term business trips at home and abroad. Those who have experience in aluminum electrolysis control systems can appropriately relax their education and age requirements.   

Working direction:  

1. Responsible for the planning, organization, implementation and delivery of the industrial factory project (MES) system software implementation project, ensuring the realization of the project goals, and leading the project team to complete all the work on time and with high quality;  

2. According to customer needs, formulate project plan documents, determine project establishment, quantify tasks, and allocate tasks reasonably, track project progress, and coordinate cooperation between project team members;  

3. During the implementation of the project, supervise the production of documents at each stage of the project progress to ensure the integrity and standardization of the documents;  

4. Ensure that the project is delivered on time, and make arrangements for after-sales service work, maintain customer relationships, and improve customer satisfaction; 

5. Responsible for the daily management of the project implementation team, the training and ability improvement of team members, and control the project implementation progress and costs and risks;  

6. Cooperate closely with colleagues in other departments, including early product explanations and demonstrations, customer visits, etc., to maximize customer resources.    

Professional skills requirements  

1. College degree or above, more than 3 years of factory production system software implementation experience, more than 2 years of project manager experience;  

2. With a background in the aluminum industry, familiar with alumina, electrolytic aluminum, and carbon companies on-site management business processes and production processes;  

3. Those with more than 2 years of ERP or MES implementation experience, team leadership experience is preferred;  

4. Possess good communication and coordination skills, ability to analyze and solve problems, and strong ability to withstand pressure;  

5. PMP certificate project implementation management experience is preferred.