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Control system of aluminum electrolytic cell

Services and solutions provided:

1. Overall architecture design and solution of aluminum electrolysis process control system

2. Overall architecture design and solution of digital electrolysis workshop

3. Redundant security architecture design and solution of aluminum electrolysis control system

4. Digital monitoring and analysis of the whole process of aluminum electrolysis process

5. Creation and analysis of holographic sensing model for digital aluminum reduction cell

6. Supervision, control and diagnosis analysis of aluminum electrolysis production

7. Quantitative evaluation of the comprehensive index of the life cycle of aluminum electrolytic cell

8. Analysis, integration and visual display of aluminum electrolysis production data

Project performance: Baotou Aluminum, Xin'an aluminum plant, Sanmenxia Tianyuan aluminum, Chinalco Liancheng branch (500ka), Chinalco Liancheng branch (600ka), huomeizhahanur, Xinjiang Jiarun, Inner Mongolia Datang, Shanxi Chinalco Huarun, Chinalco Qinghai, Yunnan Wenshan, Iran Arak, Malaysia Qili, Turkey ETI, Italy vesmeport